Isabelle Adjani - publicité Bricout 1989

Isabelle Adjani - Publicité Bricout 1990



   Champagne Bricout wants to be "The Champagne of the stars" and the House devotes much energy to prepare festivals in the entertainment industry. It joined the Cannes Film Festival for the first time in 1988 and its wines were enjoyable for the dinner of the European Year of cinema chaired by Mrs Simone Veil.

 In addition, The House Bricout participate very actively in the evenings of "tout Paris".

Alain Delon appreciates so much Champagne Bricout qualities, he asks C.A.Kupferberg  to create his own cuvee.


The vintage Alain Delon is then offered to his friends and relations, and during the presentations of his clothes collections AD, among others.



The team of the french hidden camera, celebrates Bricout Champagne at the Procope café


Avize années 80 : " Bricout le Champagne des stars "



The House Bricout & Koch actually perpetuates a tradition as old as the Champagne.

It gets surely its reputation from its wonderful bubbles, but never this reputation would become universal without the luxurious Parisian celebrations of ' la Régence ',  and these feasts never have had this luxury without the eagerness of courageous Champagne traders.







Claude Rich and Pierre Brasseur have "soupé " at the famous café Procope with Champagne Bricout  « The Champagne of Stars »


Katia Tchenko for her birthday and Ute Lemper at the end of filming "the Austrian" sabred BRICOUT « The Champagne of Stars »



Mimie MATHY, Isabelle de Botton and Michele Bernier celebrate their last performance of "Available in 3 sizes" at the Grand Theatre d' Edgar, with champagne BRICOUT « The Champagne of Stars »



Champagne Koch Leaders in focus 1890


A century ago, the slogan was :  « Koch, the Champagne of Tsars »